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Norman Griffett

Our family in 2019 had the need of a celebrant to oversee the celebration of life for the passing of my sister, well too early in her life.  Connie stepped in and handled the organization and proceedings with extreme sensitivity and respect making the day all the more gratifying as our family said our final farewells. Our respect for how Connie stood to the task even though my sister had been a close friend to her as well, is a testament to her professionalism and dedication to her customer service principles putting the family first.

I know Connie will make it a memorable occasion to always look back on with pride and admiration. I definitely do.


Connie effortlessly carried off a truly empathetic and connected wedding by making it grand without her presiding in lieu of it. She spoke with eloquence, sincerity and a joyous commitment to the wedding couple and clearly derived so much pleasure from their happiness and the occasion itself.
Her enunciation and voice projection understood the hard of hearing but it was the deeper meaning, joy and the delight she added to the occasion is why I write in support of her role as celebrant. She is connected and that’s what we all want because it delights our minds


As a celebrant, Connie brings with her a warmth and light that I have not seen in other celebrants and then sprinkles in some of her unique personality that makes the experience both enjoyable and memorable.I would highly recommend Connie to reside over your special or significant day & be rest assured that you are in capable hands


I can recommend Connie to deliver a graceful, thoughtful and memorable celebration. She does so and will do so from a position of empathy, connectivity, truthfulness and sacredness


I recently attended a wedding where Connie was the Celebrant. I was immediately engaged in the ceremony because of the warm way in which she welcomed everyone. Her sense of humour along with her genuine love for bringing two people together was obvious. I highly recommend Connie for any celebration !

Thomas & Lucy

What can I say about Connie! She is nothing but simply amazing. You delivered the most beautiful wedding ceremony for us that we’ll treasure for the rest of our lives!All of our friends & family keep remarking how special & memorable it was. We can’t thank you enough!


Connie is a true professional. She is amazing! She puts everyone at ease and has a calm friendly manner. She has an incredible insight into what makes your day special


A delightful, unpretentious combination of gentle wisdom and humour, spoken with clarity, using appropriate, obviously well-researched personal anecdotes